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We buy, exchange and sell trading cards

At Sports Cards NL we buy trading cards from all kinds of sports, tcg and pop-culture cards. Sports cards from the National Basketball Association, The National Football League teams of the Atlantic, Central, Southeast, Northwest, Pacific, Southwest divisions, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, Formule One, World Wrestling Entertainment, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Marvel, DC, Trading Card Game, but also lots of soccer cards mosty from clubs in Europe.
We only buy and exchange things with our customers that fit into our product range. 

We will travel to come and see your collection and give you the right price!

Ready to sell you collection?
First thing you need to do is make a list of highlight cards:
You will want to go through and pick out the more popular players. If you aren’t familiar with the collection look for on card autographs, memorabilia pieces, cards in plastic holders and cards in slabs. The list should also include a ballpark number of cards. Take some nice pictures and send the list and photos with this webform:

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